Victory of the North

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: April 16, 2013
22 March 2013
Victory of the North
There are many causes that led to the victory of the North, as well as many effects that follow their victory. Three important causes that led to the victory of the North are economic growth, secession, and the election of President Abraham Lincoln. Three important effects that followed the victory of the Northern States in the American Civil War are emancipation, a new financial system, and political freedom. The Civil War of America has been discussed as the first modern war of the new industrial age. Army’s of such a large size had yet to meet head on, face to face in the battle field with weapons of such mass destruction and deadly force. America had not yet seen casualties of this magnitude to date. The Civil War of America started out as army against army, Northern states against Southern states. Which led to disagreements, therefore turning society against society, in which there was no distinction between military enemies and civilian enemies. It was all against all. In this kind of war, political leadership being effective, as well as the ability to mobilize all economic resources, and society’s commitment to fight for what they believed in, know matter how harsh the obstacle. This pledge of allegiance was necessity in the success or failure of the fights to come, on the battle field. The first cause leading to the victory of the North is economic growth. There was a huge explosion of economic growth to the northern states after the railroad system expansion of the Illinois Central Railroad was finished and made operable. In the Eighteen fifties, the new line of Illinois was the most important, there were parts of the Old Northwest’s commercial agriculture and settlements that were not easily accessible in the past, Illinois Central fixed that problem, which led to a vast growth in population. The newly constructed railroads were able to link the eastern cities with to the commercial trades of western...
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