Victorian Age

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The Victorian Age
Even idleness is eager now, eager for amusement; prone to excursion-trains, artmuseums, periodical literature, and exciting novels. (George Eliot)

General Info About the Time
• Enormous changes occurred in political and social life in England and the rest of the world
• The scientific and technical innovations of the Industrial
Revolution, the emergence of modern nationalism, and the European colonization of much of Africa, the
Middle East, and the Far East changed most of Europe
• Far-reaching new ideas created the greatest outpouring of literary production the world has ever seen

A Time of Change
• London becomes most important city in Europe
• Population of London expands from two million to six million
• Shift from ownership of land to modern urban economy • Impact of industrialism
• Increase in wealth
• World’s foremost imperial power
• Victorian people suffered from anxiety, a sense of being displaced persons in an age of technological advances. Queen Victoria (1819-1901)
Reign: 1837-1901
• The longest reign in British history
• Became queen at the age of 18; graceful and self-assured & had a gift for drawing and painting
• Throughout her reign, she maintained a sense of dignity and decorum that restored the average person’s high opinion of the monarchy after a series of horrible, ineffective leaders
• 1840-Victoria married a German prince, Albert, who became not king, but Prince-consort
• After he died in 1861, she sank into a deep depression and wore black every day for the rest of her life

The Growth of the British Empire
• England grew to become the greatest nation on earth • Empire included Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa,
Kenya, and India
• England built a very large navy and merchant fleet (for trade and colonization)

• Imported raw materials such as cotton and silk and exported finished goods to countries around

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