Victoria's Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hip

Topics: Fashion, Target audience, Marketing Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: April 24, 2010
Case 6
Victoria’s Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hip

As consumers, we pay attention to what is hip and trendy in the marketplace as it relates to fashion. Advertising plays a large role in the fashion decisions made by adults and pre-adults alike. For instance, advertisers for Victoria Secret have done a brilliant job of creating an association with the Victoria Secret brand and the visual image of lingerie that immediately comes to mind. They do this by using famous super models to market their signature bras, panties and sleepwear. This association is then projected back on the consumer, who begins to believe that they can be just a seductive as the Victoria Secret supermodels if they purchase this lingerie. A dilemma that may arise from this is that sometimes ethical boundary lines may become blurred or even crossed when advertisers try to establish a target audience. In an effort to generate profits, companies may be putting themselves at risk by targeting audiences that are too young for their sexually charged merchandise.

1.Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer.

The typical Pink customer is a young and fashionable woman that enjoys comfortable clothing. For women who may think that the Victoria Secret line is too racy or sexy for them, the Pink line offers a casual alternative that allows young women to feel cute and playful. The Pink brand is typically associated with and is characterized as an “approach” product, which is a product that provides a consumer a form of enjoyment. A typical Pink consumer uses personal influences to make purchase decisions. For example, this line of clothing is basically geared toward college coeds, who are usually seen sporting “loungewear” in daily life. Pink consumers are able to take their personal sense of style to the next level by wearing clothing that better suits their personalities. In this line, loungewear has been redefined by the use of bright colors, stripes and polka-dots;...

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