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Victoria's Secret Pink

By afrin Jun 29, 2010 782 Words
Question 1: Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer.

The buyer decision process consists of five stages: Need recognition, Information search, Evaluation of alternatives, Purchase decision and Post purchase decision.

Post purchase decision
Purchase decision
Evaluation of alternatives
Information search
Need recognition

Figure: Buyer Decision Process

For the age group of 18 to 30 years that Victoria's Secret Pink line claimed to have targeted, they are probably the one of the most sensitive and passionate group for their fashion style. But in fact, Pink line is being shown stronger interests by girls younger than 18. Also, this under 18 age group is greatly influenced by external stimuli. They probably reads teenager magazine and watch MTV and talk about what Lidsay Lohan is wearing. Need Recognition

The buying process starts with need recognition. Here the Pink customer recognizes a problem or need of a Pink product. I would say that for most of cases, this "Need Recognition" state triggered by external stimuli other than internal stimuli. Information Search

In "Information search" state, they receive more information about Pink line. Pink line's marketing plan is penetrated every part of their easy-to-access sources; personal source (friends), commercial source (advertisement), public source (mass media) and etc. Evaluation of Alternatives

In "Evaluation of Alternatives" step, these typical Pink customers ensure their decision. It is because no other brands provide what Pink line can. Also, this Pink line is such a "hot" brand for last couple of years. Purchase Decision Compare Pink line's buyer decision process among other products, this "Purchase decision" comes directly along with "Evaluation of Alternatives" step. This step is also supported by their purchase power Post Purchase Decision

Considering that Pink line is not performance-focused clothing, most of consumers should have been satisfied from purchase when they get lots of compliment by their peer group in "Post purchase Behavior" step.

Question 2: Apply the concept of aspirational groups of Victoria’s Secret Pink line. Should marketers have boundaries regard to this concept?

Aspirational group in this case will be "tweens" and some women much older than 30. Their purchase is considered to be a risk to Pink line's young, hip and fashionable image. I believe that marketers should have boundaries for the tweens because I believe the merchandise is inappropriate for children of that age. I believe that they should cater to women older than 30 buy because older women are in these are trying to look and feel younger. Social groups have often criticized the practice adopted by Pink in addressing the weaknesses of youngsters by encouraging and luring them into adopting extremely adult lingerie and undergarments with the Pink label. They have accused the marketing companies of exploiting such traits in teens and depriving them of their childhood lifestyles.

Question 3: Explain how both positive and negative consumer attitudes towards a brand like Pink develop. How might someone’s attitude towards Pink change?

If the brand can be related to what the consumer aspires to do and achieve in terms of what is hot and cool , or fashionable and stylish in keeping with the tastes and patterns of peer groups , a positive attitude towards it will develop and the customer will patronize the product . Positives of the brand Pink is that is’ profitable brand, it popular with many different age groups, its young, hip, and trend. A negative approach towards the brand will develop when consumers start disassociating themselves due to its changed nature. The negatives of Pink is that is said to be target ages 8-14, ages that are young for the brand and for ages 30 and older it is said that people in age category are to mature for the brand. The attitude might change if they offer a pink line that caters to these particular ages. And  If it is portrayed by PR and Ad agencies as not keeping up with their aspirations, it is in this way that Ad and PR agencies influence and change consumer attitudes.

Question 4: What role does Pink appear to be playing in the self-concept of preteens, teens, and young adults?

Pink as a brand has begun to be recognized by teens and young adults as identifying themselves with the users of Victoria’s Secret and gives them an ego satisfaction in keeping with its adult image of the high end adult who is able to have an edge over others in terms of its existing brand value, which is brought about by using the Pink label and which they feel makes them belong to a set that is a class apart from the rest.

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