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The Career to Become an Veterinarian

Veterinarian – a person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. The reasons why I chose the career to become a veterinarian is because: 1. I want a career that allows me to work outside of an office and requiring physical work. 2. I want a career where I can always learn something new. 3. I want a career where I can make a difference in the lives of humans and animals. I want to educate pet owners about proper care and learning. I want to relieve animal suffering. My temperament that I was chosen is choleric and it definably fits my career choice because the temperament describes me as a person of great enthusiasm. The important values of becoming an veterinarian is to have the satisfaction of caring for a beloved pet. Also in return, the pet owner knows they can confidence in knowing that their pets’ health and condition is in well hands.

For education, you must attend Veterinary Medicine University. You can get a bachelors’ degree, and then apply to vet school. In the United States, veterinarians must graduate with a doctor of veterinary medicine degree from a 4-year program at an authorized college of veterinary medicine and must obtain a license.

The need for veterinarians will increase for the demands for a pet population. Families consider their pets to be their own and they’re willing to pay more than any other pet owner. Veterinarians advanced workers and the service they have done to pets are the same as humans. For example kidney transplants. There will be more employment growth related to food and animal safety, and disease control. As the population increases more, veterinarians will be needed to inspect the food supply and ensure animal and human health. The average salary for a veterinarian to earn per hour is $39.44 and per year would be $82,040. To gain more experience, you would need 8 years to become a vet....
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