Vertical roller mill used in shipping industry

Topics: Containerization, Container, Box Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: February 7, 2014
Built from weathering steel, LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill these building blocks of international trade are designed to withstand stacking, stuffing and strapping and are reused over and over, There are roughly 17 million of these containers floating, riding and flying around the world today, but the recent sustainable design trend has found these containers re-purposed to carry a more fragile cargo — humans

Eight feet tall, eight feet wide and either 500tph-600tph Stone Crusher Plant feet long, the containers don’t contain much space, but architects and building designers on the next page don’t exactly build within the box, so hit the jump and size up 10 great shipping container homes ,

Stacked vertically on four different floors, Belgian architects Pieter Peelings and Silvia Mertens of Sculp(IT) have created a compact home for streamlined living, Each of the four small rooms serves a specific function in this shipping container home, From the bottom up, a spiral staircase links a work floor kitchen/dining floor, the living room floor and on the uppermost floor, a bedroom and bathroom space! Keith Dewey used shipping containers to create a 2,000 square-foot home in Victoria, British Columbia, Using the recycled container building blocks, which only cost Dewey a few thousand dollars each, he was able to build his Zigloo, a three-bed/two-bath home with an open floor plan, five balconies and a full basement, By cantilevering the additional levels, the appearance can be enhanced while also allowing for increased parking or landscaped areas on the ground level. Utilizing steel I-beams between levels not only creates an interstitial space for routing of utilities, but also facilitates the construction of decks for the upper levels, providing valuable access to outdoor space and enhanced views within a sprawling urban environment. Stacking the containers directly on top of each other provides the most simple (construction) and...
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