Veolia History

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Our client is the local transport company Veolia, which provides different variety of public transportations. Veolia Transport in the Netherlands provides public transport by road, water and rails. According the website the three main strategic approaches developed by Veolia Transport are; to maximize its contribution to GHG emissions reduction are firstly, to increase the use of public transportation (frequency, attractiveness, complementarity of transportation modes, etc.). Secondly, to improve carbon generation by transportation by precisely adjusting means to meet needs (for example transportation on demand), and thirdly, to facilitate the change towards "clean" vehicles. ( Activities

The activities of Veolia transport include:- City and regional transport by bus in North and Central Limburg, Limburg, West and Central Brabant, Haaglanden and Zeeland,- The bike / pedestrian ferry Vlissingen-Breskens,- In the train Limburg Maastricht-Kerkrade and Roermond-Nijmegen,- Management of regional contracts demand responsive transport and passenger services for corporations, institutions and events. - Taxi transport. - Private transportation. History

The company first appeared in the Netherlands in 1997 when it traded as CGEA. This company had a 70% share in the train company Lovers Rail who operated trains from Amsterdam to IJmuiden and Amsterdam to Lisse for the Keukenhof. It also bought the Dutch bus companies BBA, Limex and Stadsbus Maastricht. It continued to use these brand names for a while. Eventually these names disappeared and became Veolia Transport Nederland. 2 – ASSIGNMENT FORMULATION

Problem analysis
Before analyzing the problem and creating the problem outline, we decided to make a small individual research of the company. How the research will help us? Firstly, each member will understand what the company is...
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