Vedic Chant & Buddhist Chant

Topics: Meditation, Vedas, Mantra, Sound / Pages: 3 (540 words) / Published: Aug 20th, 2013
Vedic Chant & Buddhist Chant The Vedic Chant of the Vedas (Srauta) has a echo sound to the music. The Vedas chant is repetitive in the recitation. Quick and precise in lyrics and certain tones of the music as well are quick and precise with certain crispness, sounding like the string of a guitar or the harps the Indian culture use as an instrument. The tone of the Indian Vedic Chant is light, yoga type, spiritual, with various instruments in the music. The Vedic Chant melody is light, upbeat, progressive, reflective, spirituality, all introduced in the music. The Vedic Chant of the Indian culture speaks to the soul even though it’s in a different language you feel if you are enlightened somehow even if you do not understand the lyrics. The Vedic Chant is of praising the gods, worshipping the gods, given them praise, and telling the gods of their love of them. The Flutes give the Vedic Chant airiness. The violins give the music a quick tone that lifts the spirit in order to want to be joyous, of dance, praise, and happiness that the gods are here to protect, provide and love them. The music is intrinsic and spellbinding. The instruments, tata vadya, harps, bamboo flutes, and the Reed instruments like the Shehnai, Nadaswaram, give the melodies a tone of pure joy with echoed repetitiveness that leads to feelings of going into a spell. The spirit is moved by the music into a state of glee, delight, and ecstasy. Listening to the Vedic Chant allowed me to drift into another place and I was easily in agreement that the Vedas had their methodology correct. The Vedic Chant does allow for the listener and the performer to go into a deep meditative state, connect on a spiritual realm, or embrace the other side. The effort the Indian culture in developing the recitation in the chant is heard in the chants. Different recitations are heard in various chants of the Vedic Chant. The music is clear and the pronunciations of the words are crisp, as expressed by the

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