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VARK Analysis Paper

Grand Canyon University


The VARK Learning style assessment was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987 as a way to improve the development of teachers and to help students become better learners. The VARK inventory categorizes four different sensory modalities with an extra category for multimodal students (Marcy, 2001). The acronym VARK stands for visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic learning modalities. Visual learners are students who learn by seeing information displayed using graphs, pictures, or diagrams. Aural learners prefer to hear the information, and process it best by listening to lectures or having information read aloud. Learners that fall into the read/write category thrive on seeing written words, and do best when they take meticulous notes and read them over and over. And lastly, kinesthetic learners do best when the student is partaking in physical activity. These learners need to move around and work manually with ideas and thrive with hands on activities. The additional multimodal category consists of students who fall into more than one sensory modality of any combination (Nelson, 2013). The VARK inventory is one such tool that is easy to use and can give students information on how to maximize their learning. After completing the VARK questionnaire, my learning style was determined to be multimodal with preferred modalities in visual and kinesthetic.

The multimodal learning style is a mixture of all four modes, and is a label for those who do not have a standout mode with one preference score well above other scores (Flemming, 2011.) After discovering that I fall into the multimodal category, I came to the conclusion that this is extremely accurate, as I often use strategies from more

than one category. To facilitate learning, the strategies I tend to use most...

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The VARK Questionnaire Results
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