Values and Principles of the Early Year Sector

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Developmental psychology, Child care Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Values and Principles of the Early Year Sector

The principle of an early year sector is that the welfare of the children is paramount. Practitioners that work in early year sector contribute to children’s care, learning and their development, and protecting children who are in a safeguarding issue example, abuse. This is reflected in every aspect of practice in the settings and the service provision practitioners will work with parents and their families who are partners in the care, learning and development, safeguarding of their children and are the child’s first and most enduring carers and main educators. The best practice requires improvement and self-awareness of practitioners working in nursery and other settings.

To ensure that all the needs of the children are met in the setting, there is the need to respond in an age appropriate manner. To include all children in activities and ensure that they have access to resources/materials and activities in the nursery and that they are appropriate wherever possible. Listen to the child on their views, opinions and take them into account and that the child feels valued. Treat all children equally and that every child matters.

Provide a range of materials and activities which will help each child with their individual needs. Encourage children to turn take and to respect each other. Don’t force children to play with other children, let children be independent and to choose their own friends. Plan for children individually because they have different needs. To celebrate and introduce different cultures, races, abilities and religion and that they are all valued. Displays and posters celebrating differences allowing and involving all children not discriminating or stop those who cannot. Provide visual aids toys – multicultural puzzles and toys. Allow parents to be involved on trips/events and activities that are in the nursery.

Treat all children fairly and include all children in activities that are...
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