Value Chain Analysis of the bodyshop

Topics: Marketing, Supply chain, Supply chain management Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: April 17, 2004
Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain divides activities within a firm into two broad categories: primary activities and support activities. It highlights the explorations of internal analysis of a chain of business activities and explores the role and contribution of organization's resources corresponding to primary and support activities in a cost-effective way to gain cost advantage (Lynch, 2000).

4.1 Procurement:

As for the Procurement in support activities, the Body Shop has developed long-term sustainable trading relationships with key suppliers and created a special purchasing programme-Community Trade. This programme trades with communities in needs around the world and receives ingredients and accessories directly from the developing countries. The Body Shop substantially benefits from the community trade since more raw materials can be found for inclusion in the best-selling products (The Body Shop Values Reporting, 2003). And the supply of raw materials would be cheaper and more stable. So the supply chain management in the Body Shop performs in a cost-effective way and better than its competitors. In addition, the Body Shop sets up guidelines to ensure its supplier to be compliance with ethical policies in purchasing decisions. The unique ethical consideration builds a very good image to its publics. Comparing with other competitor, the sustainable trading relationships with suppliers is the crucially important competence of the Body Shop and becomes a source of competitive advantage.

4.2 Outbound logistics

For the outbound logistics, the Body Shop distributed its products through both franchised and company-owned stores. So an important part of the Body Shop value chain is a large network of numerous franchises all over the world. Abroad franchises use the Body Shop's brand name and sell high quality body care products to the valued customer. Over three-quarters of The Body Shop stores are franchised and it accounts for the majority of both...
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