Vagina Monologue and The Laramie Project: Blindness

Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Although we may think blindness is something we’ve never encountered if you really analyze a situation any situation you will discover blindness. I can’t believe how blind women were in Vagina monologue and in The Laramie Project both disturbed me because I know people who could relate to both topics. Both are very close friend of mine. Starting off with Vagina Monologue the story that affected me the most was the situation with the girl who couldn’t speak English so she couldn’t tell her parents what actually happened so they assumed and treated her like she was washed up and a disgrace. She did nothing wrong and they were very wrong to assume without having and kind of communication with her. Not even to ask if she was okay being that they did think she was sexually abused. My friends Mom accused her of having sexual relations with her boyfriend which was totally gross!!! She didn’t want to hear her daughters side of the story so she just ------ her out. There was absolutely no communication going on what so ever and assumptions could go so far as to destroying something that means so much to you for no reason. Another part of the Vagina Monologue that made me think of a friend was when the girl was disgusted with her vagina!!!! She thought it was gross and she didn’t even want it… It reminded me of a girl I know who is gay, she hates her private part. She hates to acknowledge it and doesn’t even like to clean herself. She’s cried to me numerous times about it and I was speechless because I felt the vagina was a part of a woman’s body that should be embraced. (Quote)

The one part of the vagina Monologue that I enjoyed reading that I never really thought about was how they considered the vagina to be a second heart. I believe it is because it’s a very sacred place and it has great feeling dealing with emotion – uncontrollable emotion when someone is let into that very private place. I believe you do love with your vagina, I do believe it...
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