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5-GENRE: Science Fiction

6- THEME: Common welfare vs. private interest

7-SETTING: Antwerp

8-PLOT: On a diplomatic trip to Brussels, "More" takes a side trip to the seaport of Antwerp where he falls into conversation with Peter Giles and Giles' acquaintance, Raphael Hythloday, who sailed with Amerigo Vespucci.  The men go to "More"'s house where, in the garden, Raphael tells them of the history, customs and culture of the Utopians


Sir Thomas More: In service to King Henry VIII of England, he travels to Antwerp where he meets Peter Giles and Raphael Hythloday. More is a fictional character sharing the same name as Utopia's author, Sir Thomas More. However, More the fictional character should not be assumed to be a transparent mouthpiece of the opinions of the author. For the purpose of this review, in the Summary and specific sections' analyses, the name More will be used only in reference to the fictional character, while Thomas More will identifyUtopia's author.

PETER GILES: Friend of More and acquaintance of Raphael Hythloday. Once again, Peter Giles is an actual historical figure, a friend and intellectual companion of Sir Thomas More. Peter Giles, in fact, helped More to getUtopia published. The fictional Giles shares nearly all of his biographical history with the real Peter Giles, but like the fictional More, should be understood to be a fictional character

RAPHAEL HYTLODAY: A philosopher and world traveler, he lived for five years on the island of Utopia before returning to Europe to spread the word about the Utopian's ideal society. Hythloday's last name, in Greek, means "talker of nonsense," a clue from Sir Thomas More to his reader that the island of Utopia is a fiction.

UTOPUS: The ancient conqueror who built the Utopian state. 1760 years before Hythloday's visit to Utopia, Utopus conquered the brutish people and separated the area into its own island by cutting through the narrow isthmus that connected Utopia to the mainland. Most of the laws, institutions, and values passed down by Utopus remained in place 1760 years later, when Raphael visited


Utopia: Utopia (from the Greek οὐ-τόποı, no-where) is a word coined by Thomas More, which describes an ideal commonwealth that he believed to be impossible to exist, at least in his own time. Since this is a fairly modern word, it has acquired, over its five hundred years of existence, different nuances of meaning that should be made clear. Utopia means perfect society, and this is what Raphael is describing in this book. The perfect country that he visited. There is no greed, selfishness, brutality, and very little crime. Furthermore, nobody is unhappy.Utopia consists of two parts and Thomas More tells about the flawless commonwealth in the second part so he doesn’t tell about it in the first part and he prefers telling another topics.

Book I

While Thomas More is travelling in the Low Countries, he sees his friend, Peter Giles. Giles introduces him an adventurous person who is one of his friends, Raphael Hythloday.

The protoganist character of Utopia is Raphael Hythloday. He is an adventurer captain and goes around and sees everywhere. When he is travelling around with his swab they misses their way and find themselves in Utopia. His life in Utopia takes 5 years and he sees utopian’s living. After going back to Europe,he starts to tell about utopian’s perfect life. And then our story begins with this.

Raphael uses this story to tell about the goverment system and tries to explain how Europeans rule the countries and what they do. He shows that the commonwealth always desires to be right and the king too. King wants his counselors to agree with his own beliefs even they are bad. Raphael friends ask him to be counselor...
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