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LT2 Internal Assessment

We are grateful to the centres which provided us with the examples of students’ work which appear in this booklet as work-in-progress responses to the new LT2 internal assessment unit.
The guidance in this booklet is directed at offering advice and support for LT2 Section A and Section B in terms of:
1. Text selection
2. Task setting
3. Assessing student responses.
We recommend that you also refer to the advice relating to LT2 in the Teachers’ Guide: .

LT2 Section A: Prose Study (1500 words approximately)
1. Text selection
Centres should nominate for WJEC approval core texts (for detailed study, by an author from the list of specified authors) and partner texts (for wider reading) for this prose study, by the date advertised online in the specification, Teachers’ Guide and GCE English Literature Teachers’ Bulletin.

The term 'prose text' for both core and partner texts will be taken to include the novel, a collection of short stories, autobiography and memoir, travel writing and essays. In choosing the partner text, please remember that the texts chosen should be of sufficient substance and challenge for Key Stage 5 students.

Nominations will not be accepted for texts which WJEC considers to be of insufficient substance and challenge for A level study, e.g. texts already established as popular options at Key Stages 3 and 4, or popular fiction which offers little in terms of widening students’ knowledge and understanding of writers’ use of literary concepts and contexts, form, structure and language.

Remember that the text chosen for partner text in Section A is one of the six texts to be read across the AS course, and one of the twelve texts to be read across the A level course as a whole.
Teachers should act as the ‘first filter’ for accepting texts selected for independent reading, and should consider carefully whether the text selected by the student enriches the student’s A level English curriculum as a whole. It is important to remember the following:

If the collection of short stories is the core text, it should be studied as a whole text, with candidates making reference to a range of stories. If the collection of short stories is the partner text, candidates would have more opportunity to illuminate their core text study if a number of short stories


from the collection were considered and referred to in the essay. Exceptions to this would be where a single, longer story such as The Awakening is chosen.

2. Task-setting
Teachers should note the following:

Tasks should allow students to address equally the relevant assessment objectives
Tasks should be focused on comparisons of the two chosen prose texts, with the emphasis falling on the core text
Tasks should offer candidates one or more readings with which to engage, or allow candidates the opportunity to engage with critical discussion Tasks should allow students to consider the importance of contexts in the writing and receiving of both core and partner text, with the emphasis falling on the core text.

Setting a single task for the whole group should be avoided: individual interests should be taken account of, and students should be encouraged to formulate their own titles, with careful monitoring by the teacher.

It is not a requirement to nominate tasks to WJEC.

Some useful approaches might be to:
• foreground the core text in the wording of the task
• remember that the focus on the partner text should be to illuminate the core text • use a quotation on the core text as a focus for the essay in order to give candidates an opportunity to address AO3

• use the word ‘present’ or ‘presentation’ in order to remind candidates to treat the texts as literary constructs
• give the students as narrow a focus as possible on the...
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