Using Social Media to Promote Tourism Destination in Bangladesh

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Course Name: Service Marketing
Topic:Using Social Media to Promote Tourism Destination in Bangladesh

Date of submission: 17th April, 2013
Executive Summary
Being one of the best ‘Largest Industry Tourism enters in the business field with an objective to gradually become the top company of the world. To achieve the goal Social Media will play a vital role in the future. This report covers a thorough analysis of using social media to promote tourism destination and its benefit analysis. We know that proper use ofsocial media to promote tourism destination and its benefit analysisis very essential for achievement of efficiency and effectiveness of operation.If social media properly managed & organized than it will result in the overall performance in a positive way. On the other hand if it is not properly managed & organized, that will result in poor performance of tourism destination. As we know media is one of the major & interesting areas ofadvertising tourism destination where a lot of prudency shall be shown. Here media will play a great role. So this report will cover the matter related to this area to give a good insight to it. Abstract

Tourism has considered as the world’s largest and rapid growing industry of modern business world. It has a vital Influence on economic, Socio-economic development of a country. Bangladesh is a new tourist destination on the map of the world. So it needs lots of advertisement procedures and that may be done through social media fruitfully. Bangladesh has enormous potential to develop tourism destination because of its attractive natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Tourism can add value in the Bangladeshi economy if proper marketing plan and strategy can be built and implemented for this purpose through social media. However, this industry fails to reach its destination due to adequate marketing practices. This paper aims to show the present scenario of tourism industry in Bangladesh, identifies the constraints, and suggests remedial measures, and how it can be developed accordingly through social media. The study also suggests that government should formulate ‘tourismpolicy’ immediately for the development of this industry. Both public and private level investment is required in the tourism sector and regional cooperation, and social media can bring benefits for Bangladesh.

Table of Content
01 Introduction 07
02 Rationale of the study 08
03 Objectives of the study 08
04 Methodology 09
05 Limitation of the study
06 Analysis and Findings of the Study 09
07 The Report Body:
What is Social Media?
What tourism destinations?
Classification of social media in tourism destination development Mobile social media and business potentialDistinction from other media in tourism destination 10-12 08 Managing Social Media
Framework of Social Media in tourism destination 12-13
09 Tourism Destination in Bangladesh
Archaeological Tourism Destination
Historical Tourism Destination
Adventure tourism Destination
Recreational Tourism Destination
Cultural Tourism Destination
Religious Tourism Destination 14-15
10 SWOT Analysis of Tourism Development in Bangladesh 15-17
11 Recommendation 18
12 Conclusion 19
Using Social Media to Promote Tourism Destination in Bangladesh--Bangladesh Perspectives Social media are the modes of mass communication which deliver information about products, services, places and incidents. People move to destinations they think better for leisure, rest, and recreation. Their choices of destinations depend upon the information they get from different media. That is, they choose destinations on the basis of what they have heard, read or seen from media. As such, media are vital players in shaping the choices. and promoting the potential tourists to visit destinations of a country and thus develop tourism there. They play their role in promoting...
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