ATL And BTL Communication In Engaging Costumers To Luxury Hotel Chain Analysis
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1 The Strategic Use of ATL and BTL communication in Engaging Costumers to Luxury Hotel Chains

In the past decade the demands of society regarding the pursuit of good life have gone through major changes (Scott et al., 2009). A new economic stage started to characterize the societies of the 21st century: experience economy (Talbott, 2004). This new stage manifests in the new trends of luxury tourism where people look for unique services, extraordinary environment and the possibility of extremely high standard of pleasant activities. Today, all products and services are available in luxury version and social media has a great impact on how consumers relate to these luxury brands and how they make a choice in this expanding market (Hanna et al.,
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The internet creates an ecosystem of consumers and companies alike. Consumers’ feedback on social media sites has become a defining and yet hardly controllable part of management marketing of luxury hotels if we think of reviews and shared experiences on social networks (eWOM). Experience marketing must consider the factor that costumers are logical thinkers who make decisions by valuing and weighing the information they acquire. To further expand this, in experience marketing, we have to add an emotional approach to services too (Verissimo, 2013). Tynan et al. (2009) elaborate on this and find that the most important part of costumer experience is the interaction between the two sides – costumers and the provider of the services – since costumers not only get their experience through multisensory channels but they also respond to them. In my opinion, to understand these responses are a key to brand awareness and to the strategically use of BTL communication in luxury hotels’ marketing to differentiate it from the mass audience of social

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