Use the Slept Framework to Analyse the Current External Business Environment for Issues That May Affect Your Company.

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A. Written Report (25%)
You are required to analyse the business environment of a UK based manufacturer of a luxury product of your choice. Please note that: * The actual company is hypothetical. * It is assumed to supply to the upmarket department stores and boutiques around the world but its main market is the UK. * You must agree your specific product with your tutor. * By luxury product, we mean an expensive product that is not a basic necessity.

To complete this assessment task, you must: a. Use the SLEPT framework to analyse the current external business environment for issues that may affect your company. Attach this in the Appendix. No word limit for this section. b. Drawing on your analysis of the external business environment, explain and justify the three most important issues currently facing your company. Word limit is 2000 words for this section.

Word Limit
The word limit is 2000 words (excluding any items in the appendix**). Students are advised to stick to the word limit – if you exceed the word limit, it should be within the 10% rule. Work submitted that exceeds the word limit may be penalised on the basis of failure to demonstrate academic discipline.

**The Appendix should only be used to support your discussion (which is what is being marked) with reference materials e.g. diagrams, scanned images, Internet printouts, articles etc. It should not be used to supplement your essay so that more words can be squeezed into your assignment! In other words, a poorly written essay with a fantastic appendix is not going to achieve a good grade.

To get a good grade, your discussion must be underpinned by a wide selection of secondary sources and academic materials (e.g. books and journal articles) throughout your work or where appropriate. All work must be fully referenced (preferably using the Harvard Referencing System) to acknowledge sources used or consulted for the production of your report otherwise

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