Use of Unix or Linux in Business

Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Linux Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: August 2, 2008
Unix or Linux, You Decide!

In the IT world there is a debate of which systems are the best to use in your business environment. These debates run between the Operation Systems (OS) Linux, Unix and Microsoft systems (MS). Looking at only two of these systems, Linux and Unix, comparing cost, operability, compatibility and downtime the decision is up in the air which system is right for business use. The decision is ultimately up to the business and their goals and vision.

Cost is a large segment when considering an OS system that is right for business use. In an article by Ken Milberg (2008) When to use Unix or Linux?, the value is expanded to include not only the cost of the software but also energy/cooling cost of a larger system that is better served by using a Linux IBM System with partitions, this allows a business that is running standalone PC servers and consolidating them to only a couple of servers saving software cost by having less licenses to purchase, hardware space and rising energy cost to run extra servers. Since Linux is a free to inexpensive operation system depending on the distribution (most ships with an accompanied free server application as well) comparing this into the cost factor is a big contributor to the debate it seems. In another article, Andrew Grygus (2000) Should Your Business Use Linux?, cost is discussed as one of the major reasons to select Linux as the OS of choice for businesses for both server and desktop, it does state Linux as an desktop OS is not right for all business it is growing all of the time for this use as software becomes available and functional with time. The same holds true with an article by Dan Blacharski (Dec 2000), Unix vs. Linux, saying that the Linux OS is the better choice for small to medium-sized businesses.

Cost is not the only factor to be considered when selection between these two operability and compatibility has to be considered when choosing one over the other. Unix several years ago...

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