Use Of Drugs

Topics: Caffeine, Psilocybin mushrooms, Recreational drug use Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: April 8, 2014
Nowadays the use of drugs is very common in our life. There is no precise definition for drug, as the meaning of it follows according to how the users intend to use it. Some may called it medicine but some may called it death, but the main purpose of drugs is actually to reduce pain or kill some cancer cells in our body. Unfortunately, many people especially those uneducated teenagers tend to misuse drugs. They have no idea how it can both harm them physically and mentally. I would say that the children of today are obligated to know how drugs can be both useful and dangerous for our life. These are some example use of drugs in our daily life. Firstly, Cannabis or what we usually called marijuana is in a form of a plant that can be eaten or smoked. There are so many different ways how people use cannabis. These plants are for therapeutic use, scientific research has shown that people who suffer pain or muscle problem can be helped by cannabis. Furthermore, it helps people to gain relaxation and aid insomnia. What is the effect of cannabis to your brain? It is highly variable depending of individual itself. In fact, two individuals who consumed the same dose may experience a different effect. Some people tend to like the effect of cannabis but on the other hand some people hate it. The effect of marijuana comes in variety; it can make the user feel comfortably drowsy or pleasantly confused, feel high or euphoric and also changes the consciousness in a way in which the person can gain more focus and reach a higher level of understanding. The long term impacts of using cannabis is it will harm your lungs, increase the percentage of getting a severe symptoms, a decline in your focus and lastly damaging your intellectual skills or abilities. Second example would be psilocybin mushroom also known as the “magic mushroom”. One thing to put up in mind that this mushrooms is one of the most dangerous drugs at its list. Why is it called the “magic mushroom” and why...

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