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Topics: Login, Log, Logarithm Pages: 4 (723 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Use-Case Title: Log In
Primary Actor: Customer
Level: Kite (summary)
Stakeholders: Customer, Recipient
Precondition: Customer has application installed and internet connection Minimal Guarantee: Customer will be able to open application Success Guarantee: Customer will be able to log into account Trigger: Customer is able to access application

Main Success Scenario:
1. Customer able to open application on device
2. Customer puts in credentials to log into application
3. Customer’s credentials were accepted and logged in
1.a. Customer’s device won’t boot up
1.a.1. Customer not able to access application
2.b. Customer’s application won’t load
2.b.1. Customer closes application and reloads application
2.b.2. Customer reboots device and tries to load application 2.b.3. Customer quits application and contacts bank support
3.a. Customer has too many failed attempts to log in
3.a.1. Customer gets message to contact bank to reset information

Use-Case Title: Send Activity Report
Primary Actor: Bank
Level: Kite (summary)
Stakeholders: Bank, Customer
Precondition: Customer must have logged into application
Minimal Guarantee: Bank will collect activity on account
Success Guarantee: Bank will collect activity on account and send to Customer Trigger: Customer logs into application successfully
Main Success Scenario:
1. Customer logs into bank application and views account/transfer funds 2. Bank collects information about Customer’s visit (IP and Activity) 3. Bank sends Customer email about activity on account

1.a. Bank not able to collect activity on visit
1.a.1. Bank marks activity as N/A and emails Customer about log in 2.a. Bank collects information on activity
2.a.1. Bank attempts to email Customer and receives error email address is not valid. 2.a.2. Notates account of activity and timestamp, que up automated call to Customer

Use-Case Title: View Account
Primary Actor: Customer
Level: Kite (summary)...
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