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23 March 2015
DBQ: Sectionalism and Nationalism
    In 19th century America during the time period of 1815 to 1858, there were two major groups openly in opposition with one another. These two forces were Nationalism, and Sectionalism. Sectionalism, or the excessive devotion to local interests, and nationalism, or the devotion and loyalty to ones country.  Although the two were different and directly contrasted each other, both nationalism and sectionalism impacted the United States. The documents mentioned prove that sectionalism tears and shatters countries apart and nationalism brings countries closer. These contrasts included political, geographical, constitutional, economic, and diplomatic. Politically, nationalism is noticeable in the presidential election of 1828 between John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson. In this election, Jackson controlled the electoral votes. Sectionalism is noticeable in a different election however, the 1856 election between James Buchanan and John C. Fremont. In this election the electoral votes were very close, and the popular vote even closer. Economically, nationalism was greatened by the war of 1812. This strong nationalistic time encouraged more people to work for their country. This brought in many citizens to help support factories and railroads and banking systems. While the southern sectionalists’ cornerstone to their economy was slavery and southern agriculture.

    Firstly, nationalism and sectionalism opposed each other in the political field. According to Document A, a map of the United States, showing the
According to the mentioned documents, the two major groups, sectionalism, and nationalism, have been back and forth over control over the United States over the time period 1815 to 1858. Nationalism, has been proven in the documents to be a force that brings countries closer together. Sectionalism, however has been proved to do just the...
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