Us vs. Eu: Maternity Leave

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United States vs. European Union Pregnant Employee Policy
The European Union (EU) has much better laws for pregnant workers and maternity leave than the United States (US). If a parent were to choose where they wished to have their child it would benefit them much more to have their in the EU. They offer more weeks off for maternity leave and make sure that no pregnant person is discriminated.

In the EU, a worker will get a minimum of 14 paid weeks off work that is usually paid in some percentage of the workers salary. Even thought fourteen is the minimum, many countries offer a much longer period of time, after which the worker can return to the same job. In France, a worker can get 3 years off for parental leave per child. It does not have to coincide with a child’s birth and the worker will be able to return to the same job. A worker also does not get discriminated while pregnant; they will not be denied a job because of a pregnancy or fired because of a pregnancy. In all EU countries there is a possible four month parental leave, along with the fourteen week maternity leave and all pregnant persons can request changes to their working hours.

In the US, there is no actual law for maternity leave unless the workplace has more than fifty workers, along with many exceptions. Even if one does get maternity leave, it will only be for 12 weeks, two weeks shorter than the EU. They also have no discrimination like the EU but there is no mandated paid maternity leave. The US is among the four countries that do not offer mandated paid maternity leave. In conclusion, it is more beneficial for a worker to have a child in the EU.
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