UrbanGames Marketing plan

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UrbanGames Enterprise

Marketing Plan

Group Members: Foo Yu Xin

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary (to be done last – at least 1 page)

UrbanGames Enterprise (UGE) is a newly founded company located at 1st Flr, Bgn Hj Lamudin Hj Jafar dan Wun, Spg 129 Jln Jerudong. It started business oin March 2012. They cater to the needs of people for social fun. Currently, the manpower is made up of a manager and four staff. UGE’s operating working hours are from 10 am till 8 pm, Monday to Sunday. We predict an increase in UGE’s marketing budget about 20% for 3 years projection. This due to UGE’s plan it’s business to Belait district by opening up another branch in the district.

2.0 Review of Current Situation
2.1 Situation Analysis

UrbanGames Enterprise (UGE) was previously operated as a bookstore called Reader Haven which sold books, comprising of fiction books, non-fiction books, comics, magazine and children’s book. In the last two years the owner developed a hobby of playing trading card games, he realized there is a market so he starts selling it. A deck of cards costs around $300 and the customer can choose to buy one card for $5 to $20. And the customer base is growing.

Normally, if a customer is into this hobby, he will regularly buy the cards or buy for collection. A new deck of card for a theme (e.g. Magic The Gathering) may be out every 3 months. The market for trading card games is on the rise because of cartoons and anime promotion in media. Thus his company has decided to move to a new direction from selling books into focusing in selling trading card games and make a move for market differentiation. His business is doing well as he has a loyal group of customers. He also decides to expand his business towards Belait district for market penetration to serve the customers in Belait district.

2.2 Product Review

A trading card game is also commonly referred to as a collectible card game, customizable card game. For our purposes here, we will use trading card game (TCG) to refer to all three varieties. In a nutshell, a TCG combines the collectability of trading cards with strategic game play. Typically a player purchases a starter set, containing a manual and a playable deck of cards that showcases the rules and mechanics of the game in an introductory fashion. One of the biggest obstacles that faces any new TCG is the need for an opponent to truly engage in the game play as it is extremely unusual for any TCG to feature a solitaire mode. Players generally begin playing through a friend, at a particular location like a hobby game store that has a time and date for an organized gaming opportunity that includes a tutorial component, or via an online portal In general, TCGs are comprised of three basic components. First there are the rules of the game, a set of instructions governing every aspect of game play, from which player will go first, to how to determine which player wins, and everything in between.

2.3 Product Offering

UrbanGames Enterprise sells TCG like Magic the Gathering, Cardfight! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Chaos TCG, Monster Collection and Victory Spark. In addition to these, UGE also allows the customers to play together in its store. It also sells a limited amount of drinks and snacks, to serve the customers better while they play TCG there.

The primary points of differentiation offer these qualities: An extensive collection of TCG
A comfortable place to play card games and to socialize.
A centralized place for all local TCG gamers.
Personalized service from the owner and staff

2.4 Market Demographics

2.4.1 Demographics by Age/Gender
In broad terms, the younger trading card game demographic generally shares these characteristics: Composed of children ages 6-14
Purchase trading card games at mass market retailers
Experience the trading card game brand through a cartoon,...
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