Urban Sociology

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Urban Sociology
Towns and cities as we know them today, become what they are because of a serious of events that gradually changed and shaped them from what they were to what they are now known for. The earth is home to approximately some six billion people, living in the cities and rural areas of around about 200 nations as stated by Macionis & Plummer (2012). This was not so in the past, before all these cities and towns emerged people lived a nomadic life, moving from area to area in such of water, vegetation and food and hence had no permanent settlements. The emergence of cities brought about a new way of life for people in the distant past, it provided for them a one stop shop for trade, entertainment, shelter and food, though it was a slow transition cities eventually developed and today the combined populations of the world’s largest five cities exceed the total earth’s population when cities were first developed. `with such a large portion of the earth’s population dwelling in Urban areas, the social impacts of these urban areas cannot be ignored, and that is why there is a specialized branch of sociology which deals primarily with these urban areas and of which is called urban sociology. Urban sociology by definition is the study of life and human interaction in urban areas. Urban sociology studies the structures, processes, changes and problems of an urban area and by doing so provide inputs for planning and policy making that is urban sociology is the sociological study of cities and their role in the development of society. One of the most important institutes dealing with urban sociology is the Chicago School of Sociology, the institute through a group of sociologists and researchers expanded and analyzed theoretical foundations in the early twentieth century of influential theorists such as Karl Marx and Max Weber among others. The work of a group of sociologists and researchers belonging to the school on the inner city of Chicago...

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