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Staring from my car window at the solitary road outside I started to think about the previous noisy, dusty and crowded roads of Pakistan. I asked myself; Why so much terror? Why so much chaos?’ The answer was ofcourse the fear of ‘Talibans’.Tears dwelled my eyes every time I used to turn on the television and see that a suicide bomb blast had occurred. Questions used to fill my brain: ‘Why are Muslims killing their own fellow Muslims? How can a person kill himself so brutally?’ And again the answer was obvious i.e. splendid brainwashing. But just thinking about these matters could not overcome my disappointment neither of any other Pakistani’s. It was not a time to just sit at homes and see what is happening and contradict on it. It was a time when all the Pakistani’s had to join hands and rise against the cause but we did not. A very authoritative trait lacking from Pakistani’s is ‘Unity --The key to success. It is a disappointment to say that we lack this quality in ourselves. Let it be the politicians, people from different professions or the ordinary people, none possesses this attribute. I believe only if we work together we will be able to defeat our enemies. We cannot just keep in silence and act like dummies while these merciless people kidnap our own dear ones and treat them with harshness, raunchiness, coarseness and no mercy. We cannot see them take the lives of one of our own savagely. We cannot see them destroy our wonderful, astonishing homeland which we got after infinite struggles; Struggles in which we had to lose thousands of precious lives and had to deal with the remorseless treatment of our enemies. Today, it lets us down to even think about losing our exquisite homeland. This day we must join hands in order to survive.
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