United States Court Systems Essay 2

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, United States, Appeal Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: November 28, 2012
What your about to read consists of the federal court system, federal court’s jurisdictions, and lastly I’m going to compare the federal court system to the state of Georgia’s court system. Let’s start with the federal court system, which consist of three tiers. The Federal Courts

According to the Paralegal Professional by Henry R. Cheeseman and Thomas F. Goldman, the trial courts of the federal system is the District Courts (2011, p.211). Cheeseman and Goldman say there are 94 district courts in the federal court system (2011, p.211). Also in their 2011 book, they say the district courts are decided by geographical area and how populated that area is (Cheeseman, p.211). Lastly, Cheeseman and Goldman state that there is at least one District Court in every state (2011, p.211). Next, is the intermediate appellate court in the federal court system.

The Paralegal Professional says the U.S. Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in the federal court system (Cheeseman, p.211). Cheeseman and Goldman also say there are thirteen circuits, which are the geographical area that the court serves (2011, p.211). They also state that the courts can only take appeals from inside their circuit (2011, p.211). According to their 2011 book, each circuit has a three judge panel and someone in a case can request a review after the judges make their decision (Cheeseman, p.211). The last part of the federal court system is the highest court of the federal system.

According to Cheeseman and Goldman, the highest court is the United States Supreme Court (2011, p.214). Cheeseman states that the President of the United States nominates nine different judges, eight of them will be associate judges and one of them the chief judge (2011, p.214). Their 2011 book says that the justices (judges) only look at the record the lower court did of the case to decide if there needs to be a change to the verdict of the lower court (Cheeseman, p.215). Also, Cheeseman states...

References: Cheeseman, H. & Goldman, T. (2011) The paralegal professional: essentials, 3e. Prentice Hall, NJ: Pearson.
The Georgia Judiciary. (2012, June 23). Retrieved from http://www.courts.us/state/ga/courts.php
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