United States and Golf Industry

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Global Golf Industry, Participation and Growth Forecast
Description: Worldwide golf sport and equipments/supplies industry is highly fragmented with largest contribution coming from the US, Japan and some of the European countries. Golf industry has a large number of male participants than female while this trend is slowly changing and increasing number of women are entering into the golf business. India and China are emerging markets for this sport. Per capita income and demographic trends leave a major influence over golf demand and participation. The US golf industry is one of the largest in the world and has advanced golf facilities. While in recent times, its growth rate is slower than expected because of the high cost involved in the game and present economic conditions of the US does not allow spending much on leisure activities. Golf apparel and accessories segment started gaining popularity due to rising per capita disposable income in all parts of the country. The golf industry, particularly equipment sales, is impacted by the participation rate, especially from a group of core golfers, and also by the number of rounds played. Within Europe, a major portion of golf demand and supply comes from few countries wherein the UK and Ireland stands on top. The European golf industry is benefiting from rising golf participation rate in the UK and revenues generated from golf tours. A major portion of the demand for golf equipment is coming from Western part of the Europe, while Eastern Europe is also indicating rising interest of population in the sport. Manufacturers of golf equipments have reduced their production estimate for 2012 and 2013 due to falling national income and trade. Golf industry in Asian region is expanding rapidly with growing income and rising golf tourists. It has been estimated that number of golfers in these regions increasing rapidly and generating need to serve rising number of members. India offers huge opportunities for golf industry with large number of population and rise in foreign tourist’s arrivals. The present report on “Global Golf Industry, Participation and Growth Forecast” provides a detailed analysis of golf industry development worldwide with focus on Europe and the US markets. The study includes participation trend, impact of economy over golf industry, golf equipments demand and forecasts. The report has also analyzed industry trends, macro economy environment and driving forces accounting for change in the industry. Key Findings - Total golf course revenues were up 0.86% in 2010 and 1.10% in 2011 reaching to value of USD ~ billion and USD ~ billion. The figures suggest a positive growth in golf demand and supply while growth rate is relatively low. - By 2016, the US golf course revenues will grow at a CAGR 3.75% led by positive growth in golf facilities and operations. - In 2009 consumer purchases of golf supply/equipment declined by 11.45% reaching USD ~ compared to USD ~ billion in 2008. The US golf equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR 3.08% from 2012-2016. - Demand for golf equipments expected to be low in year 2012 due to loosing investor’s confidence, slow recovery and recent fall in golf tourism market. - In the US, a fall in number of golf course closure has been witnessed during 2010, from ~ in 2007 to ~ golf course closures in 2010 (in 18-hole equivalents). - In terms of direct revenues, European golf industry generated USD ~ billion in 2010 a percentage up from USD ~ billion in 2009. In 2011, golf facility operations reached USD ~ billion and USD ~ billion in 2009. - In 2010, an increase in the number of golfers has been seen especially in a full length golf course in the UK.


1. Golf Industry Performance Worldwide 1.1. An Overview 1.2. Global Golf Equipment Demand 1.3. Global Golf Economy 2. The US Golf Industry 2.1. Industry Performance 2.1.1. Industry...
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