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Unit Plan

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Name:Hiji Rone M. Chavez
Email Add:hijichavez2012@yahoo.com
Name of School: Philippine Christian University
Region: National Capital Region (NCR)
Country: Philippines

Unit Overview:


Weather And Me


1. What is weather?
2. How weather affect our daily lives?
3. What are the kinds of weather?
4. What do we wear on a specific weather conditions?
5. What are the foods we eat, things we wear on each weather conditions? 6. What are the different types of clouds?
7. What do you see on the sky at daytime?


1. What kinds of clothes do boys wear?
2. What kinds of clothes do girls wear?
3. Importance of wearing clothes.
4. What is the weather today?
5. Why do you look at the sky to find out about the weather?

6. What do you usually do on a specific weather?
7. What is your favorite weather?


This unit discusses about weather, how the weather affects us , the different types of weather here in the Philippines, different types of clouds, and how can we predict the weather.

What is WEATHER?

Weather is the day-to-day conditions of a particular place. The weather is all around us, all the time. It is an important part of our lives and one that we cannot control.

Different types of weather in the Philippines

SUNNY weather. All of the heat and light on Earth comes from the Sun. Up in the sky, the sun shines brightly. Mother hangs the clothes under the sun. They dry fast. You perspire a lot because it is hot.

RAINY weather. The sky is covered with dark clouds. The rain starts to fall. It rains. And it rains the whole day. The wind is strong. Look, gray clouds make the sky gloomy.

CLOUDY weather. It is a cloudy day. The sky has different shapes of clouds. The clouds cover the sun so, the air is cool. It is fun to play outdoor games.

4 Types of Clouds

Cumulus- Cumulus clouds are puffy. They have flat bottoms and are low in the sky. Cumulus clouds usually mean fair weather. If they grow tall, they can become thunderheads and bring rain.

Stratus- Stratus clouds are the low clouds. Fog is a stratus cloud at ground level. They look like a low gray blanket. Stratus clouds bring rain or snow.
Nimbus- Nimbus means rain so nimbus clouds are the really dark ones. They are dark because they are carrying lots of water droplets and they are ready to give us a shower.
Cirrus- Cirrus clouds are the highest clouds. They usually mean fair weather. They look white and feathery.

WINDY weather. The air is cool. The wind blows hard. It is a nice day to fly kites. The wind blows hard. The leaves on the trees move fast.

STORMY weather. The sky is very dark. The wind blows very hard. There is lightning and thunder. The rain is very strong.






1. Describe the weather, and different types of weather, different types of clouds, and clothes to wear, food to eat and things to do on a specific weather condition. 2. Visualize and learn how to characterized the weather.

3. Perform simple activity
4. Answer worksheets.


At the end of the unit the students will be able to:

Define what is weather?
Experience the feelings in each weather conditions
Predict the weather, and give examples of things to do on each weather condition.



Introduction to weather
Sunny weather

Specific Objectives
Define what is weather and sunny weather
Explain how weather affects us.
To give examples of clothes we wear, food we eat and things we do on a...
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