Unit 71

Topics: Law, Tort, Negligence Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Assignment Unit 71

As a professional worker within Clare Lodge I have many expectations within my job role. As a secure care home I am governed by several pieces of legislation that outline the rules, boundaries and policies that are provided for us by Peterborough City Council. These include the National Minimum Standards, these are the standards that the home as a whole are expected to be working to. Some of the things outlined in these standards are wishes and feelings of the child, equality and diversity, safeguarding, health and well being, contact, placement preparation and suitability to work with children. It is imperative and expected to work professionally in my job role and the children’s safety and care comes above anything else, even when looking after your colleagues, if someone is not behaving in a professional manner then it is the expectation of the employee to use policies provided to deal with it. The policy to be used would be in respect of “Whistle blowing”. As I am in a professional role I have my own rights as well. I have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity under the policies provided. I also have the right to protect my own safety be it within a union angle, within a physical intervention process, for my own health and safety with equipment provided and from a safeguarding perspective I have the right to not take on tasks which I feel could put myself at risk from allegation. It is important that I exercise my rights and my professional expectations, always working within the training, policies and legislation provided to me.

Having feedback affects my role and practise as a professional worker. Any feedback that I receive should be constructive so that I am able to learn from it and be factual to truly reflect the practise that I show. There are several ways this feedback can be given to me. First of all I receive feedback through supervision with my line manager. This involves a monthly meeting of a minimum of one...
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