Unit 6

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Unit 6: Supporting children’s play

1. Understand the play environment
1.1. Explain what is meant by the play environment
The play environment is the provision that is made foe children in which they can learn, play and relax. It encompasses both the physical environment (such as the layout, equipment and furniture) and the “emotional” environment (the atmosphere, or ambience that is created).

1.2. Explain how the environment supports play.
Play doesn’t just happen. It is true that babies and young children are biologically disposed to play, but they will not develop their play unless they meet people and experience the situation that encourage the development of play. What adults provide has a direct impact on play. If adults encourage play and create enabling environment that cultivates play, the quality of the play will be deeper.

1.3. Explain how to work with others to create enabling play environment in early years setting.

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/carers. Getting optimum benefit from the experiences in the EYFS can be achieved when adults work together to get to know the children so that they can support their play, development and learning. The role of parents is of prime importance because these are the people who know most about their children and have their best interests at heart. Practitioners working in partnership across services can provide professional support and guidance to one another and to parents either by signposting information or by being more directly involved – everybody’s contribution will make a difference to children’s learning and development.

2. Understand how the early years practitioner supports children’s behaviour and socialisation within play environment. 2.1. Describe the role of the early years practitioner in supporting children’s...
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