Unit 4

Topics: Broadcasting, Communication, Writing Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Verbal| Verbal communications in the bank include such things as meetings, phone calls , conferences and other spoken communication. This is a good way to tell someone else the information easily and will come across more effectively. The purpose of this will be to update the customers knowledge this could be about their current account, or what things to look forward to in the future like such things as savings and other future developments in the bank. The source of this communication will be internally shared by the financial department in the bank.| Written| Written communication in the bank include things as letters sent through the post to our customers and also leaflets and flyers and also faxing if needed. Our flyers and leaflets contain the best information about the bank but not too much so the reader will get bored. Letters are an easy way of telling the customers important information; things to do with their bank account or just things happening in the bank. The purpose of these written communications is to get the vital information to the customer or new customers to the bank without the hassle of them coming into the store communicating sales promotions. The source of information is internally from the financial side of the bank.| Onscreen| Onscreen communication is such things as TV adverts , this gives important information about the banks latest deals there are and also grabs the customers attention plus we could also get new customers, this is a good way to advertise because lots of people watch the TV. The purposes of these adverts are to inform customers and possible new customers of latest deals and goings on in the bank and to update the customers knowledge. The source of information comes internally from the marketing sector of the bank and externally from the commercially provided companies. This is a great way to advertise to millions of customers and they waste no money by the advertisements because they make the money back by...
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