Unit 37 Understanding Business Ethics Assignment

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Uma Sakaew

Task 1a: Select an appropriate company, discuss and agree your choice with your tutor.

I choose this company, because I can find many information about Coca-Coa which are usable for these tasks. It’s also an interesting company for me, because I want to know how this company became a multinational company. What are their mission to stay strong against the other competitors. In this report you read the story about Coc- Cola company, about the start the formula, the bottle and the branche that they have today. In my report I will start with the story about Coca-Cola company, about the start the formula, the bottle and the branche that they have today.

History of the company
The inventor of Coca-Cola named John Pemberton. Pemberton moved to Atlanta and started making and selling of patent medicines. One of his biggest selling items was French wine of coca. A cocaine laced Bordeaux wine that was popular throughout the world. At the time cocaine was not thought of harmful. Doctors gave them as a medicine recipe. Pemberton's formula also contained caffeine from the kola nut (which is actually a seed from a tree in Africa). He sold his "French wine of coca" as a cure for nervous disorders, disturbances of internal plumbing, and impotency. In 1886 he removed the wine so the substances would be like a syrup based medicine. After that he began with experimenting. The cocaine and caffeine were very bitter tasting, so plenty of sugar was added to mask these flavors. Citric acid then had to be added to provide some bite that would counter-balance the sweetness. This creation of new syrup became Coca-Cola.

The secret formula of Coca-Cola
From the beginning other companies tried to be as successful as Coca-Cola. What is so special about this syrup? What are its substances? Just one look at the name and you'll know the two main ingredients of Coca-Cola. The leafs of the coca plant from South America, and the African kola nut, which is very rich of

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