Unit 33 P5

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Sly Ferreira
P5 Explain the competitive pressures on selected contrasting business organisations to develop their use of e-business. In this assignment I will be explaining the competitive pressures that have faced two contrasting organisations which are Amazon and Refuge. Amazon and Refuge

Amazon is a public organisation that is owned and controlled by the government. They aim to provide public services. Amazon is an organisation that provides customers with products and services from the internet and is for profit while refuge is also based on the internet and offline as a non for profit organisation that offers a network of safe houses which provides emergency accommodation for woman and children who suffer from domestic abuse. Amazon and Refuge uses the internet so that they are able to carry out different activities. Also because there has been an increase in online trading throughout the years there is also an increase in the competitive pressure by these two organisations and their competitors. Examples of competitive pressures that these two organisations face are. Recruitment

Recruitment is a highly important factor in a business as employing employees that has a right attitude and is highly skilled to do their job is essential for Refuge and Amazon. The internet can also make recruitment difficult as recruitment is highly competitive in an online environment. Both organisations have to make sure that they are on the lookout to employ great candidates for available roles through their website. To make it easy to trade successfully online the organisations has to have the right capabilities and understanding to ensure that they employ people with the right skill and are able to take care of all responsibilities needed for the job. Refocusing business

When a business refocuses this means that there are decisions made to change their activities so that they can direct their business by directing it with specific focuses. When a business refocuses it...

Bibliography: BTEC Business Level 3 Book1 (Jon Bevan, Helen Coupland- Smith, Rob Dramsfield, John Gaymore and Catherine Richards.
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