Unit 3 Project

Topics: English-language films, Courage, Hero Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Unit 3 Project: Bob Gallagher – A Man of Courage
Bob Gallagher – A Man of Courage

Courage is a precious gift. To some people, the act of courage can be defined in many ways. Some people when asked if they knew of anyone, who courageously helped someone, would immediately think of a super hero such as Superman who wears a cape and saves the world. Bob Gallagher doesn’t necessarily wear a cape; however to a lot of residents in Joplin Missouri he is considered a courageous hero when he decided to risk his own life by recusing neighbors after a devastating tornado that ripped through the town two minutes before. Bob Gallagher demonstrated courage by leaving his family and home that was also affected by the horrific natural disaster to see if there were others who were still trapped in their damaged homes by fallen structures, trees, power lines, caved in roofs and walls, and other scattered debris created by the tornado. Bob courageously risked his life by walking in debris, crossing over live electricity lines that that fell on his neighbors’ homes and yards. He began trying to free them from the trees and roofs and other debris the kept them from getting to a safe place. His goal was to make sure he checked on everyone and recue anyone that needed help. Bob wanted to make sure everyone was safe and out of harm’s way. Although his family was scared for Bob’s own safety and still in shock from the horrific natural disaster that just wiped the entire city of Joplin off the map, Bob eventually met up with his family and pets at the neighborhood park about a block away from where his home once stood. The fact that the family was reunited with one another again was priceless. Bob doesn’t see himself as being courageous or even a hero. Bob finds his courage due to his duty to his community, not because he wanted recognition or even a reward. Bob’s courageous instincts kicked in, his ethical moral principles responds and he reacted to them. Obviously a person doesn’t...
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