unit 203 and 212

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Unit 203
Outcome 1
1.1: diversity is the difference between people; it includes such things as religion, culture, background and even personality. the reason diversity should be valued is because having a diverse world makes things interesting for everyone, if everyone was equally the same we wouldn’t have most of the stuff we have in the world right now, like different cultured food clothed all different types of religious events and so on. 1.2: trying to relate with people and listening to what they have to say is a good way to treat others in a way that is sensitive to their needs. 1.3: showing the person you are interested in whatever it is, it could be their abilities, background, values, customs and beliefs. Asking the person questions that they feel comfortable answering usually is a good way to start. A lot of people like talking about their culture so questions to do with that is always helpful. 1.4: there is a lot of ways to learn from others at work;

asking how things are done
communicating with your peers
listen to what people have to say
getting information from people
getting demonstrations done by a peer at work

All these things help you to learn from others at work.

Outcome 2
2.1: when a person has trusted you with information, maintaining confidentiality so when a person has given you information to keep to yourself, but if you think the information they have given you can harm them or anyone else then you should let someone know. 2.2: an organization needs to meet requirements if it has stored any information on people, whether its paper based or electronically or information should be kept safely and stored securely. The organization should also have an access to information policy. 2.3:

2.4: these are the procedures for dealing with concerns about security and confidentiality in an organization: ranking the problem
identifying the problems
assign a risk factors each of the problems
Outcome 3
3.1: the purpose of keeping waste to a minimum in a business environment is for a few reasons, looking professional, health and safety, saving money and giving the business a good image. 3.2: the main causes of waste that may occur in a business environment are possibility of theft happening, personal use of office equipment by the employees, not being productive, leaving switches and other unused electrical things left turned on and the lack of knowledge regarding workload and work process. 3.3: keeping everything in good working order, ordering a reasonable number of supplies, turning of all plugs switches and other unused electrical equipment. 3.4: online servers, online timesheet instead of using paper ones, sending emails instead of writing them down, if any machines do not work in your office you can call or email the person who supplied you with it to come fix it. 3.5: the purpose and benefits of recycling are:

recycling is cheaper than general waste
recycling is good for the environment
it increases employee morale
recycling saves a lot of space and reduces clutter

3.6: things that have been taken to be recycled are taken to a factory and are remade into other things; it’s easier and cheaper than making something from scratch. Outcome 4
4.1: recycling has its environmental and economic benefits. its keeps the streets clean it’s easy to do so anyone is capable of doing it, and its economical benefits are a company can save a lot of money so instead of buying new materials they can use recycled material. 4.2:

Outcome 5
5.2: learning how to use the technology properly will prevent unnecessary damage, keeping the area you work at clean so no accidental spills to ruin any electronic things, cleaning your computer regularly.

Unit 212
Outcome 1
1.1: the different types of documents that can be produced are letters
web documents
formal/informal documents
Factual and verifiable documents.
1.2: the...
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