Unit 201

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Unit 201 - Manage own performance in a business environmentLearning Outcomes (LO)Assessment criteriaEvidence commentary (How each LO has been satisfied)Evidence to Support commentary by referenceUnderstand how to plan work and be accountable to othersOutline guidelines, procedures codes of practice relevant to personal work Explain the purpose of planning work, and being accountable to others for own work Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets for work Explain how to agree realistic targets Describe ways of planning work to meet agreed deadlines Explain the purpose of keeping other people informed about progress Explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know work plans need to be changed Describe types of problems that may occur during work Describe ways of seeking assistance with getting help to resolve problems Explain the purpose and benefits of recognising and learning from mistakes Working here at the college it is important that all learners are in a safe environment. Safeguarding is very important in my role it is my job to keep learners and their data safe and secure. Within my role I have to wear at all times my staff badge Also working at the college I understand that I have to comply with HCUKs policys and procedures responsibilities requiring E D. Planning is important to help us work together and get the jobs done. Planning is good to develop my own skills and knowledge, it is a good way to organise and prioritise jobs and helps getting less stressed. I do this using to do lists and online calendars. Realistic targets should be SMART- Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely so we can have confidence and achieve deadlines, have a clear structure in place and so there is a constant workflow. To agree realistic targets it is good to delegate work so others can help, prioritising work using the ABC method is a great way to set out your targets and looking at online calendars and staff rotas to...
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