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|YEAR |2012 |SEMESTER Two | |UNIT TITLE |Professional Development 2 - Analysis and Strategy | |UNIT CODE |BFP2100 | |PRE-REQUISITES |Successful completion of BFP1100 - Professional Development 1, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving | |CREDIT POINTS |12 points | |MODE OF DELIVERY |On-campus | |UNIT COORDINATORS |Robert Sims Samuel Belicka | | |Robert.Sims@vu.edu.au Samuel.Belicka@vu.edu.au | | |Tel: 9919 1320 Tel: 9919 5251 | | |Chui Yin LAI Kalanithi Muthu | | |cylai@sunway.edu.my kalanithim@sunway.edu.my | | |Tel : 03 – 7491 8622 Tel : 03 – 7491 8622 | | |Ext : 8322 Ext : 3254 |


Professional Development 2, the second of three units that focus on the professional development of students, will enable students to further develop the knowledge and skills gained in the first Professional Development unit of study (BFP1100 Professional Development 1) and other discipline-based units. Students will gather and evaluate business information in conditions of uncertainty, to help inform effective business decision making. Students will continue to develop teamwork skills and critically evaluate their own technical and generic skills, enabling them to identify strategies for career planning and life-long learning.

Professional Development 2 will develop students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative working necessary for professional and academic learning through group and teamwork, interactive class-based activities, team-based projects and a case study approach to business issues.


On completion of the unit, students should be able to:

1. Assess opportunities in a changing business environment; 2. Gather, collate and evaluate information to support decision making; 3. Utilise information to formulate possible solutions to business problems; 4. Prepare and present a business case;

5. Develop and document a project plan;
6. Apply business and academic research skills;
7. Manage team dynamics and be an effective team member;
8. Understand the skills and attributes of a business professional; 9. Develop their own Pebblepad (webfolio) of personal skills and experience; 10. Develop and present effective oral presentations


80% of the assessment in this Unit of Study will relate to learning in the workplace. Team based learning in the workplace activities that will be included in this Unit of...

References: WWW.VU.EDU.AU CRICOS Provider No. 00124K
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