Unit 13 D1

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4.1: How useful are documents in facilitating the interview process.

In this essay I will evaluate each document from Harrow College Application Pack, it will include information that applicants will need to know before they applied for the job. Inside the pack, it includes welcome letter from the principal, the curriculum of Harrow College, Organization chart, policy statement, travel policy, how to fill in an application form, job description, and person specification.

In the application pack, a welcome letter from the principal of Harrow College will help recruitment because the letter is written by the principal it will set the standard and it attracts applicants and also it will make a good impression to applicants knowing the principal welcoming them to apply to Harrow College even though the principal is not saying it in person but it will make the applicant more welcoming and comfortable with the College. Secondly, the letter said “Harrow College now ranks as the top FE College in West London and Hertfordshire”, this will make applicants be more interested about the job role because they want to be part of Harrow College success and want to be part of that reputation. Harrow College can improve their welcoming letter by making the applicant feel more welcoming, instead of the principal saying thank you to applicant for applying, the principal should also include staff in Harrow College, that way applicants will feel the support of everyone in Harrow College. The letter also should include some background information of Harrow College and what kind of achievements Harrow College had to attract applicants. I think the letter from the principal is important because it will show a good sign that the college is welcoming and tells the applicant small information about Harrow College.

The curriculum letter will help recruitment because it shows what subjects are majored in Harrow College; it will give a chance for applicants to see what other subjects they can apply for if in the future Harrow College have any vacancies. In the curriculum letter, it has background information about Harrow it will benefit the applicant because if the applicant doesn’t live local, they can find out about Harrow area.

The organization chart will help recruitment because it will help applicants know who does what and who to report to, it shows Harrow College that they are a well-organized college, also it will allow the applicant to know there are people in different department doing different task. This document also helps me when I was recruiting in John Lewis because by knowing who is the CEO of the company and who is my manager in the organisation chart, it will help me in the future that if I have any problem I know who to report to.

The equality and diversity policy statement will help recruitment because it will encourage applicants with different background to apply for the role, it will give a good impression to applicants that Harrow College don’t care where the applicants are from. Harrow College can improve their equality letter by showing figures of different background of staff in Harrow College because even though the letter tells applicants they accept anyone no matter where they from but some applicants would like to see the figures of different race and sex to know Harrow College is committed to equality and diversity.

How to fill in an application form will help recruitment because is a step by step instructions of filling in an application form for applicants, that way applicants wouldn’t make any mistake or miss a section out, it will benefit for Harrow College because if the applicant make a mistake in the application form, employers from Harrow College can straight away not read the rest of the application form because employers might think if the applicant can’t follow simple instructions from the application pack then they can’t follow instructions when they are employed.

Job description will...
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