Union Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages and disadvantages when being in a union

The National Labor Relations Act was enacted by congress in 1935 in order to define and defend the rights of the employment relationship. The act allows employees of a company the right to form a union and have the union organization represent them through collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is the process of negotiation between both parties; Union representatives and a corporation, with the purpose of reaching an agreement for the best interests of employees and the corporation. In the negotiation process the attempt is to establish primary factors of importance which are advantages the union fights for and ultimately provide for its stakeholders that would otherwise not have if there were no union representation. Advantages include job security, higher wages, affordable healthcare coverage and specialized job duties. However, there are disadvantages associated with labor unions along with their benefits such as strikes, loss of individuality and union dues.

Secure Job
In a competitive global economy where there are layoffs and job loss the union difference is job security. Unions are often able to make sure that the hard working and experienced employees are protected against unjustifiable causes. When the company decides to improve technology and bring new machinery as a form of making more production the union prevents technology from replacing the worker. If the worker is punished, suspended or terminated without just cause, representatives from the union and lawyers will go investigate and defend your position. If unfair corrective action is found against employee union has the right of reversing such action by removing unfair discipline, or if fired unjustly having his/her job back. Job security is an advantage in a unionized workplace vs a non union workplace because when a union is involved they give you voice to participate in having an influence withing the decisions being made for the betterment of the company. The union in response protects you from any type of reprimands whereas non union workplaces the worker has no voice. The employer makes all the rules, sets the wage rates, makes all decisions on things like discipline, promotions and hours of work.

Higher Wages
In a union environment the union bargains with the employer for a contract and makes sure that such contract is carried out. In this contracts both parties define various important aspects such as wages. Workers pay is higher when they are in a union. “The median weekly earnings of union workers are 28 percent higher than non-union workers”. “According to a January 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, workers who belong to a union typically earn higher pay than non-union workers doing the same kind of job. Although it varies based on sector and occupation”.

$917 = Median weekly earnings in 2010 of union members.
$717 = Median weekly earnings in 2010 of non-union workers. T

That's a yearly difference in salary of $10,400 for union members vs. non-union members Estimates varies depending on sector and occupation. Differences among public unionized sector vs public non unionized amount a higher salary than private sector either union or non union. An important factor of higher wages in a unionized workplace is that it helps the economy grow. One of the main reasons of why our current recession happened is that workers do not have the purchasing power they need to help the economy grow. Union provide workers to earn a significantly higher average in wages than non union workers. A sustainable economy is where workers are adequately rewarded and have the income they need to purchase goods and boost the economy. Higher wages are necessary for a variety of reasons most importantly helps improves the standard of living and gives the worker a sense of being a valuable asset to the company by such reward.

Affordable Healthcare Coverage
“In 2009, 92 percent of...
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