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HRM330 Labor Relations Paper Assignment

DeVry University

Dr. Bowman


As a Human Resources Manager we wear many hats, nd have many responsibilities. One of them is making sure we treat our employees fairly. We also want to make sure we do not give our employees a reason to have another organization, such as unions, to govern over them. A union is used to improve the pay conditions and hours of the employees. The employers would select others to represent them to the employers to talk to them on their behalf. Often the leaders are very influential ad knowledgeable people with fixed views who could speak to equally influential and knowledgeable minded employees. ACME AUTO PARTS

In the case of ACME Auto Parts where the parts workers at various companies are still represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW), they face demands for concessions during every contract negotiation. In responding to the union organizing a drive as an HR Manager I would: a) Work with the company’s manger’s to identify the issues that are driving employees to consider joining the union. It could be something simple and remedied- something employees have been asking for, but had been frustrated by management or could it be poor management- and be remedied by the firing of the general manager. b) Go over the company’s mistakes or failures.

c) Make sure we are approachable
d) Ask manager and other employees who are not pro-union to share with other employees their thoughts, and experiences with unions; to talk about why having a union would not be the best option for your particular organization. Plan for Discussing it with Upper Management

a) Discuss with your senior management team why the union is attempting to organize employees, and exactly what organizing activity they are aware of to date. Chances are that some of them will know facts that the chief executive does not know. b) Call a meeting of supervisors and others who exercise front-line authority for management, usually with labor counsel present, making sure not to include in the group any “borderline” non-supervisory persons, such as lead men or low-level working foremen who might conceivably be legally entitled to inclusion in the bargaining unit with other employees eligible to vote. Brief the supervisory group on the situation and find out what they know about it. In addition to group meetings, supervisors should be talked to individually to ascertain exactly what they know of the union activity. c) State to all supervisors the company’s position with respect to the union drive. Let them know there is no need for the employees to be represented by a labor union if the management team does its job properly, and that the employer intends to make every legitimate effort to encourage employees NOT to sign union cards and to vote against the union if and when an election is held. THE ZINNIA

The Zinnia is a 300-room hotel in the central business district of a major Midwestern metropolitan area. This is a full-service hotel—a hotel providing a wide variety of services including food and beverage facilities and meeting rooms—that caters to individual business travelers, convention attendees, and local businesspeople who need meeting space. The Zinnia emphasizes outstanding service and amenities and is owned by a prominent local real estate magnate, Ms. Lucy Balder-cash, who closely monitors the management and financial performance of her diversified properties. Many of this city’s major hotels are unionized, and the Zinnia’s wage rates are equal to the local union wage scale. In responding to the union organizing a drive as an HR Manager I would: a) Be mindful not to act emotionally or with a feeling of betrayal. Make sure I have a thorough knowledge of the labor law rules and have expert help. My own conventional wisdom won’t suffice, nor will my own determination of what is fair, no matter how objective I think I am. b) Present my...
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