unilever NV & corporate analysis

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Unilever N.V.: Corporate Analysis

This company profile is a premium company information product offering an unmatched depth and breadth of content. It analyzes the strategic positioning of the company - how the company has evolved and how it has been performing over the years.

Sectional Highlights
-- Structure of the organization, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions and recent developments have been examined
-- Business segments of the company have been explored alongwith analysis of key products and services -- SWOT Analysis highlights the weaknesses of the company and the threats to which it is exposed; the strengths of the company and the way the company has positioned itself to take advantage of the opportunities

-- Business and marketing strategies boosting earnings, brand value and competitive edge have been discussed
-- Key financial indicators have been analyzed
-- Competitive positioning of the company has been evaluated in terms of sales, profitability and stock performance, as compared to its competitors
Key Benefits
-- Provides input for strategic business planning
-- Targets business opportunities & risks
-- Exploits competitive intelligence
Target Audience
-- Investment Managers
-- Venture Capitalists
-- Management Consultants
-- Research Companies
-- Other Industry Professionals


1. Company Backgrounder
1.1 Corporate Overview
1.2 Key Facts
1.3 Corporate Timeline
2. Business Focus
2.1 Major Segments
2.2 Products & Services
3. Corporate Overview
3.1 Organizational Structure

3.2 Executive Biographies
3.3 Ownership Structure
3.4 Subsidiaries
3.5 Key Partnerships
3.6 Mergers & Acquisitions
3.7 Significant Developments
4. Strategic Analysis
4.1 SWOT
4.1.1 Strengths
4.1.2 Weaknesses
4.1.3 Opportunities
4.1.4 Threats
4.2 Strategic Focus
5. Financial Analysis
5.1 Financial Performance
5.2 Sales and Earnings Analysis
5.3 Ratio Analysis
5.4 Stock Performance
6. Competitor Analysis
6.1 Major Competitors
6.2 Peer Comparison at a Glance
6.3 Financial Comparison
6.4 Stock Chart
7. Company Outlook
7.1 Revenue & Income Estimates
1. Key Facts
2. Ownership Structure
3. Mergers & Acquisitions
4. Subsidiaries
5. Key Financials
6. Peer Comparison at a Glance
1. Corporate Timeline
2. Organizational Structure
3. Revenue by Business Segments
4. Revenue by Geography
5. Sales & Profit Growth
6. Key Ratios
7. 1-Year Stock Chart
8. Comparative Stock Chart
9. Market Capitalization: Comparison with peers
10. Revenue & Net Income Growth: Comparison with Peers
11. Revenue & Profit Estimates


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