Unilever mini case

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Mini Case Study

Mike Lancaster
Tuesday April 22, 2013
Professor Shultz
BUAD 3010-002

Table of Contents2
Case question & Executive Summary3
History 5
Situation: Media document company 2015 website6
Discussion of Alternatives7
Media Composition10
Issues Moving Forward 12
Conclusion 14

Case Question
What should Unilever’s Integrated Marketing Communication Goals and Media Strategy be for 2016 – 2020 ? Executive Summary
Unilever is a multi-national consumer goods company. Its products include total wellness from food and drink to personal hygiene and care products. It has won numerous awards, is one of the top three consumer goods companies and is the face of a company which has embellished the new age of digital media. Its products and marketing strategies have become known world-wide because of Unilever's constant dedication and connection to its consumers through the use of combining marketing tactics of the past, present as well as trying to predict the future.

Marketers are always concerned with the future. Marketing agencies ask themselves the question of what will consumers want tomorrow and the next day. Always catering to the needs of others can be an incredibly complex endeavor and with the emergence of social and digital media, marketers need to be careful of which tool they use to make consumers aware of their products. To much digital media makes completely saturates the selling of the brand, to little does not combat other strategies from other products and companies with no integration of the old marketing strategies like TV and magazines fails to connect with the roots of marketing communication. Unilever has proven so profoundly that integration of all of these strategies proves to be the new route in connecting with consumers.

Unilever creates something with digital media and backs it up with traditional forms of media and vice-versa. Unilever's path to better grasp consumers attention lies first with always being able to harness the consumers needs and wants and trying to determine what is the best way to achieve that. If Unilever can bring creation and add value to their marketing strategies then it will better connect with the audience. The question Unilever is asking themselves is how do consumers live their lives and experience there brands as well as figuring out how, through the use of different devices, will consumers interpret advertising. For the future, Unilever needs to integrate both current and traditional forms of media to connect with the variety of consumers and to further themselves as a company that is continually looking for new ways to improve their value with customers through the use of their branding tactics.

History & Background
Unilever has a simple mission, to make people get more out of life through the use of their products. If one was to read through the lines they would see that William Sketcher Lever, founder of Lever brothers was committed to making total well-being a commonality for all, his concerns were about a better lifestyle with his products and this is what Unilever still follows today. Lever took his soap company and began making margarine because of the raw materials which both products needed. Doing this helped him become competitive with top margarine companies Jurgens and Van Den Burgh. Eventually the competition got so heated that it made sense for Lever brothers, Jurgens and Van Den Burgh to merge and in 1929 it happened. Unilever became what it is today, two companies called Unilever Limited and the other being Unilever N.V. Ultimately, this merger controlled and bought more then a third of the world’s commercial oils and fats making it what it is today to producing personal hygiene products, foods and cleaning products. Unilever has been around for three centuries and opts to give people a better lifestyle through...
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