Unification of Italy

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Unification of Italy

Development of Nation-States and Nationalis


ly in 1861. These events can be broken down in five stages: Pre-Revolutionary, Revolution


and divide up the territory conquered up by Napoleon. In its negotiations, the congress ret

Giuseppe Mazzini

with a republican form of government. Mazzini brought the campaign for unification into the mainstre


anded more rights from their respective government, the cause orthern Italy.
g in 1849.
r tackled and succeeded in making this dream into a reality. Italy

Camillo di Cavour

azzini and Garibaldi. In Cavour’s view, unification needed a strong state to lead, namely P

avour’s Policy and the Role of Piedmont

ble to unite Italy in a short time.
leon III showed favor to a liberated and united Italian peninsula. To seal the deal of this pa s wanted to join Piedmont under one nation. Both of these events alarmed Napoleon III b

Giuseppe Garibaldi

ry campaigns that led eventually to the formation of a unified Italy. He generally tri

Garibaldi’s Campaign in Southern Italy

y 1860.
hey occupied Sicily within two months and already Garibaldi was setting his eyes on mainland Italy. army bypassed Rome and the remaining Papal States and marched south, Garibaldi would surprise

Creation of the Italian Kingdom

opportunity arrived and Venetia was annexed in 1866. That opportunity was the Seven Weeks' War b ome voted to join the union and in July 1871, it became the capital. r, Garibaldi, and Mazzini became the founding fathers of a nation and were immortalized.

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