Unfortunate Dreams of the Fortunate

Topics: Emotion, Tears, Family Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Unfortunate Dreams of the Fortunate
Written By: Joshua A. McGregor

When mommy & daddy kiss, hug or smile
You get that good feeling in your heart,
Or when emotion is shown once in a while
You feel as if nothing can tear them apart.
Papers are being filed you are the only child
Neighbors saw it coming, you never thought it existed.
Now you’re reminiscing how could this be?
Was it because of me? Loud screams but not in the sheets,
Tears was falling down my mother’s River Nile, I wish I wasn’t the only child, Because then the blame could be shared. This came out of nowhere, With great power comes great responsibility,
You feel responsible to try and fix it, they never listen,
One is smoking my father is drinking
But I was the shot glass in which all his problems were spilling. He told me “mommy was an extraordinary woman, she gave sweet memories.” He paused, took a shot of Hennessey and that’s all they’ll ever be. Never told me that mommy was the enemy,

I cried during the long drive back to my mother’s side,
She took me for a ride I couldn’t believe my eyes when we arrived, She made a new life where she was negatively defined.
Smeared lipstick all over the magnum bottle,
As she appeared, licked her lips got tipped made her a couple dollars Left the strip she bought me a quick sip, but it was a big gulp of saliva swallowed. She said get a grip as she gripped the steering wheel, her foot slipped out of control and hit a pothole not in the road but it was emotional,

she sunk like a ship and said “ your father was my rock” I was in shock That I lived. We end up crying in the parking lot
“I miss him”, “I miss him too but there is nothing we can do”. I looked into her bulletproof eyes, she looked into mine.
Moving from one house to the next, divine intervention should have been my first step, Then I realized I was blessed. I lay between my mother’s breast and my father’s chest, Smiled, took a deep breath and back to rest....
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