Poison Bread

Topics: Bread, Mold, Oven Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Poisonous Chinese Bread’s Adventure.
It’s all started three days ago. I was produced in a steam bakery – the newest, the biggest, most modern bakery in Anhui Province. I started my life as flour to which was added some yeast, fibra, fat, water, many chemicals and, not too surprisingly as it was China, kilos of …… pesticides! You might think this is wrong, but in China it is regarded as right. You see pesticides make the bread taste better, give the bread the smooth feel, and, very importantly, increases the size of the loaves, and that gives the bakery higher profits. I should like to give many thanks to the Chinese government for giving me the opportunity to help its economy by collecting taxes from merchants whose only concern is about making as much money as possible. I am only one loaf of bread but because I have been bulked out I will help my factory make big profits. Massive numbers of us were made in the steamed bread workshops. When I was sentient, I realized that the temperature was 80 degrees, I stretched myself to the size the manufacturers wanted but I felt too hot – burning hot. My brothers were pressing on me and making me feel uncomfortable and extremely crowded. I felt deadly ill: I could smell the suffocating air of sulphurous smoke. My body was suffering in a fiery lake of burning sulphur and everyone knows that that is unbearable for innocent newborn bread like me. Fortunately, that situation didn’t last too long for workmen opened the oven doors. The bright light dazzled me when I opened my eyes to see my ‘parents’. I conjectured they would be in a state of euphoria after we were born, but their words plunged me into the depth of despair. “I will rather starve than eat these steamed breads.” These were the shocking words I heard. After all I had gone through for the Chinese government, it seemed I was not wanted. I was hurt. Really hurt. The statement that bread such as me couldn’t bring happiness to our makers was one of the most...
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