Unethical? or Not?

Topics: Quiapo, Manila, Black Nazarene, Mind Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: February 24, 2013
“The Feast of the Black Nazarene”
Filipino Catholics are truly aware of the feast of the Black Nazarene, and it is really obvious that this is the time that the devotees are waiting for. This has become a part of the lives of many Filipinos, specially the Catholic, and even the non-Catholic. The procession lasted for almost eighteen hours with nine million devotees are indeed unbelievable. I decided to go to Quiapo not only because we were asked to, but also having the questions and curiosity in my mind. I even asked myself “What does Quiapo looks like during the feast?” As I stepped out of our house, a lot of people are also in journey going to the feast barefoot, wearing Nazarene shirts, handing their own replicas of the Nazarene, and having their own reasons in their hearts and minds. But the question is… Is it right? Or not?

What I saw in the feast is just balanced. A lot of things are just right, but then, there are also inadequacies. Starting with the things that I saw is right is the preparation of Manila in the said event. I can say that they allotted time and preparations even before the feast by their plans for the good flow of the procession. Every devotee brings their own reason of being there and their faith is really unstoppable so we cannot do anything about it but to consider this event. It is a feast for Catholics but other religions are also considering this event in a way that they respect the activities happening. No rallies opposing this event, no campaign to stop this event, but we can hear negative thought which is not avoidable. For me, it is ethically right in basing with Immanuel Kant’s “duty to respect.” We can also view intention of being an idealist for considering and thinking other’s welfare. Many were saying that stepping to others is ultimately wrong, but then again, we all know that it is the nature of that feast and what is wrong is complaining for others actions while in the procession. As a devotee going to that feast,...
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