Unequal Childhood Research Paper

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Thanks to my college professor, I was given the opportunity to read your book,
Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life. I am writing to express my appreciation to you and your assistants for your extensive research and your dedication in determining the lasting effects of unequal childhoods. I feel that this research project was important to answer the question of how unequal childhoods affect a child’s future. Your methodology was thorough and unique. You and your assistants not only interviewed children and their families, but also immersed yourselves in their family and social lives. Your research in examining how middle class, working class and poor families raise their children was very detailed and informative. Every chapter had interesting examples of how the differences affected the child or children involved. You demonstrated in the book how the inequalities between middle class, working class and poor families are extremely detrimental for children of the poor and working class families. In most cases, nurture involving economics and involved parents, overrides nature when raising children to become successful adults. You asked and answered the question – Does social class make a difference in a child
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Children do not have equal life chances. Your examination of the aspects of family life exhibited by the different social categories clearly proves the realities of an unequal childhood. As you state in your book, child development experts believe concerted cultivation is the most appropriate method of raising children. I also agree with your analysis that due to the downturn of the U.S. economy, the lack of good-paying jobs, and inadequate, unequal education, the standard of living for today’s children will be much lower than their parents. Certainly there are exceptions, but too many poor youths have no hope of securing good paying jobs and turn to drugs, gangs and

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