Unemployment and E. Normative Health

Topics: Unemployment, Minimum wage, Economics Pages: 2 (276 words) Published: July 22, 2013
A. Normative

Minimum wage in my opinion does not create unemployment among young and unskilled workers. Most unskilled workers enter in the workforce earning minimum wage. Young people are eager to start working in most markets. They usually understand that they have to start out at a low rate of pay or minimum wage.

B. Positive
Usually when a product decreases in price more people want to have it. Take for example cell phones. When they initially hit the market they were basically unaffordable for the average consumer. Once the price dropped to the level of affordability the demand increased significantly.

C. Normative
Inflation for some reason stands out in my opinion than unemployment. When prices for goods and services goes up consumers tend to get frustrated with the economy. Unemployment affects consumer’s as well. It just seems to get a selected few instead of across the board.

D. Normative
Income distribution in the United States is not equitable. Take for example teachers and instructors don’t make enough salary in my opinion. Doctors and lawyers have the potential to make unlimited amount of income. Yet if it were not for teachers and instructors would they be able to do it?

E. Normative

Health care subsidies will contribute to an increase in the consumption of health care. It allows almost everyone to get treated. That being the case clinics, hospitals and doctor offices will busy.

F. Positive

If unemployment benefits were reduced the country probably would have a higher crime rate in my opinion. When people lose the jobs and become desperate to make ends meet they tend to go outsides the lines of the law.
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