Under Age Drinking

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Persuasive Speech on Underage Drinking
People might think that alcohol is something that helps you cut loose and makes you full of energy, but reality check-alcohol is actually a depressant that damages your body in the long run. Alcohol is a problem that affects multiple people and families, but in today’s society it’s affecting teenagers. The horrible facts that I will present to you will prove that underage drinking needs to come to end before it’s too late for some.

Some people might argue that there really aren’t all that many underage drinkers but in fact there are twelve point five million underage drinkers each year. Also underage drinkers consumed fifteen percent of the total alcohol consumed in 2005. You could even speculate that there isn’t that much wrong with my two previous statements. If you are one of those people I’ll tell you a story about an eighteen year old that was thinking carelessly about drinking alcohol.

His name was Horatio. He went to a party with some of his friends and his girlfriend in particular. In that party there was alcohol supplied for all. Horatio and his friends got drunk. Then Horatio’s girlfriend got a call from her friend and got invited to another party. So Horatio and his girlfriend as well as his two other friends hopped in Horatio’s car to go to the next party. During that drive they began to swerve back and forth. Before they knew it they swerved off road and hit a nearby tree. Horatio’s girlfriend and one other friend were thrown forward and went through the windshield. Horatio and the last remaining friend lived, but they weren’t lucky enough to avoid injury. Horatio had broken both his legs and received a concussion and his friend suffered similar injuries. If you looked at the statistics you would’ve seen this coming. The facts are simple, that forty-two percent of fatal car crashes as a result of underage drinking. Also, sixty percent of emergency room visits are a result of...
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