Uma Sekaran's Chapter 2 Review

Topics: Scientific method, Falsifiability, Theory Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: April 13, 2010
The chapter 2 of Research Methods of Business by Uma Sekaran speaks of scientific investigation detailing on the eight hallmarks of science and the limitations of scientific research in management along with the hypothetico-deductive method of research.

The hallmarks or main distinguishing characteristics of scientific research can be the following 1. Purposiveness: The research should have a purposive focus i.e. some definite purpose will be served after the research 2. Rigor: Rigor means carefulness, scrupulousness and the degree of exactitude in research investigations good theoretical base and a sound methodological design will add rigor to a purposive study. 3. Testability: if a certain hypothesis gets developed through unstructured interview or library search, then the hypothesis can be tested by applying certain statistical tests to the data collected for the purpose.. 4. Replicability: The results of the test of hypotheses should be supported again and again when same type of research is repeated in other similar circumstances. The researchers will gain confidence in the scientific nature of the research. 5. Precision and confidence: Precision refers to closeness of the findings to “reality” based on a sample. It reflects the degree of accuracy or exactitude of the results on the basis of the sample to what it really exists in the universe. Confidence refers to the probability that the estimations are correct. 6. Objectivity: The conclusions drawn through the interpretation of the results of data analysis should be objective i.e. they should be based on facts of the findings of the actual data. The more objective the interpretation of data , the more scientific the research investigation becomes. 7. Generalizability: This refers to the scope of applicability of the research findings in one organizational setting to other settings. The wider the range of applicability of the solutions generated by research, the ore useful the research is to the users....
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